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Building and surroundings

Office centrum Budějovická Alej

The area around the Budějovicke square where you can find the BC Budějovicka alej is considered to be the fastest growing administrative and commercial center in Prague.

Business Center Budějovicka alej is suitable for clients with a passion for modern design and art of modern architecture. The architectural design was made by a prestigious studio Loxia a renowned Swedish architect Eva Gräne. Scandinavian style is already evident at the first view of the building, which captivates by its massive wooden shutters and window frames. The combination of white and charcoal gray contribute to the grandeur of the building. Thanks to its location, the building offers from all the floors of a beautiful view of the southern part of the city.

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Representative office center offers 31 air-conditioned turnkey offices in a modern design and two conference rooms.

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